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Financial Management 101

Gain access to your own individual copy of your "Finance Compass" financial tracker and learn how use it best!

Financial Management 101

Gain access to your own individual copy of your "Finance Compass" financial tracker and learn how use it best!
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About the Class

Gain access to your copy of your "Finance Compass" financial tracker and learn how to use it best!

This course is a step by step guide to creating your finance tracker. By the end of this course, you will have created a powerful tool to manage your finances each month. This tool will provide you 100% clarity on how much you spent. It would also include the invisible costs that most people don’t consider. You will also be able to know what your bottom line figure is: the range of money you have the opportunity to save each month!

By registering for this course, you will get your copy of the personal-finance tracker called the “Finance Compass,” and the videos will guide you on how to use it. It makes it simple, easy, and straightforward for you.

In addition to your downloadable version of the Finance Compass, which is a powerful financial tracker, this course includes two sets of videos:

  • The first set of videos introducing the fundamental principles of successful financial management
  • The second set of videos that are recordings from the Finance Compass to help you understand how to use it. An interactive manual!

The Finance Compass includes the following sections:

  1. your monthly expenses
  2. your invisible costs
  3. your revenues
  4. your bottom line figure
  5. your monthly tracker
  6. your 12 months savings plan
Who should take this course?
  • Anyone who wants to gain better control over their finances
  • Anyone who feels some discomfort when it comes to managing their finances
  • Anyone who thinks that budget management is difficult
  • Anyone who is looking for an easy to use tool to manage their finances


Greg Henriques

12 years in global corporate and now director of Villa Feria
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The common denominator of my story is personal growth and continuous improvement, my journey includes various steps such as professional DJ, 7 marathons, 2 IRONMAN, certifying in NLP, living in the US, Greece, London and then Amsterdam. For 12 years I built an exciting career in some of the biggest FMCG companies of the world: Mars Inc,...

Class Requirements

  • Nothing special! Everything is explained within the course

What's Included

Level: Beginner
Duration: 32 minutes
15 Videos
2 Documents
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