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When To Start

2 minutes
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Want to start with discipline? discipline should start from day one. Now let me backtrack a little, you should actually start disciplining your child even before he or she is born. What? discipline a baby in the womb. Yes, and no.

Disciplining your baby doesn't mean only executing a punishment as we've covered before. It means you're abiding by the plans you've agreed upon with your spouse in setting your parenting goals. Babies are affected by mother's frame of mind, stressors, she's exposed to foods that she eats food cravings within tolerances, etc, while she's pregnant. The state I was in when pregnant affected each child in a very deep and profound way, both emotionally and physically. You can read more in detail on my blog. So please be sure to take good care of yourself while pregnant physically and emotionally.

As that way you're teaching the baby right, right from the start. Once the baby is born, the way to discipline him or her is to give it a lot of love and care, making sure that he or she is not left for long periods of time crying or not comforted. This way, you teach the baby then when he or she needs you, you will be there and they don't need to get into fit to get your attention. Babies are smart men, they love to test boundaries all the time. It is pretty safe to enforce the boundaries with the baby, as young as six months. Naturally, you will match the discipline method with the age and the offense.

Little babies are curious and they will poke in touch with everything, even the things they're not supposed to. If you do give them clear instructions Which go unheated a gentle tap on an offending member will be enough for a child that young. Remember, you're setting a standard for the rest of their growing years where they will know this is it. My parents are enforcing the boundaries. I should do what they tell me. I've had my children as young as three and four.

Know that what that it is safe to run to a certain line, but this line they don't cross without mom. They would wait for me to hold their hands and cross the street together. starting early is setting the stage for the rest of your days with your child.

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