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Who The Boss?!: Beginners' Guide to Starting a Business in the USA

Ever think of starting your own business? You're probably doing it right now! Here are the fundamentals you should know.

Who The Boss?!: Beginners' Guide to Starting a Business in the USA

Ever think of starting your own business? You're probably doing it right now! Here are the fundamentals you should know.
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The Path to Greatness Series: Your Boss Probably Isn't a Genius- Starting Your Own Business

Do you know what the funny thing about school is? For all the success and opportunity it promises, it's primary function is simply to train us to be workers. Think back to when you were a student. How many times did you wonder aloud, "Why do I have to go to school?", only to have your teacher, the parent of your pet parrot (if applicable) says, "because, otherwise you won't get a good job!"

An underwhelming jackpot to strive for, all things considered.

Many of us have had some variation of this experience; questioning the validity of class, homework or even education itself, only to be met with the optimistic promise of a better future with a degree or the pessimistic warning of a bleak future without one. Unfortunately, far fewer of us have been given a more practical or entrepreneurial response, such as, "Because without math you won't be able to calculate your staff's wages and without English, you'll be unable to articulate strong advertising copy for your new product line." The point is that the general mentality many of us develop as youngsters are one of being a utility rather than a creator. A worker rather than a boss.  

So for those of us who decide one day that we want to venture off and pursue a business idea or ambition we have, where do we start? The library? The book store? Message boards? Staring blankly at the wall, hoping it will give you answers?

Without any sort of prior experience or education, starting a business can be quite an overwhelming and confusing objective to set for yourself. Thus why we created this class. Here, we will address the initial considerations that accompany the launch of a new company, and help provide some direction so that you can begin formulating your vision and formally establishing your new endeavor. We want you to go from the passive state of "I have an idea" to the more proactive and committed state of "I'm starting a business".  We help orient you in the fundamentals of creating your new business so you know what your first steps need to be; this includes learning: the different legal structures your business can take on (and the pros and cons each carries); different funding options available to cover start-up costs if you'd prefer not to pay out of pocket; why the state you establish your business in matters (from legal and financial standpoints) and the benefits some states offer that others do not; and how to figure out a focus if you happen to be someone who wants to start a business (or are simply sick of working for other people) but aren't quite sure what to start one in. Our intention is for this class to serve as an efficient reference point that will help you simplify the initial stages of setting up a business.

AROV Education was developed with the intent of helping people achieve their goals and build the life they want to live. We offer this class in the hope that the information within it will help orient you in the right direction and inspire you to follow through on your entrepreneurial dream, whatever it may be. After all, if you're reading this, you're doing so for a reason. Thus, for what it's worth, our initial advice is this: Fear failure no more than you fear success, and think big- without limitations. As the philosopher, Lao Tzu once said, "The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step."

Perhaps clicking onto this page was that first step...


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AROV believes that all people deserve the right to pursue their greatest interests, indiscriminate of anything other than ambition, determination and effort. We provide the guidance, your provide the grit.​Your future begins today.​.. ​Dream without limitations.

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