1004 Pivot Table - Exploring Pivot Table Grid (Fields)

3 minutes
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Hello there, I assume you would have created a pivot table template on your screen. So from here we begin our discussions. Now from the data, which we are working with that was of staff details. And from there we have graduated to a sheet, which has the template. Now, once I reach to the stage, let's explore what are the different buttons and options that lies before my screen. And that will help you make the pivot table.

On the right hand section, you'll notice something called pivot table fields. And you will have all the field names which are relevant for the data. Below that you have four sections, which I'll be talking about very, very soon. It's called filters, columns, rows and values. Now, for a beginner, this might be a little confusing to look at it all at one go and trying to figure out how the report is being made. Well, I'll make your life easier.

What I'm going to do is I will activate one setting which belongs to one of the vintage version of Excel, and that lets you choose other options which otherwise would not be choosable on this current version of Excel 2010, or 13. So right click, I go to pivot table options. When I do right click ensure that you are right clicking on the grid area of the pivot table. So pivot table options, I go to the Display tab, and within Display tab, I check on this option with such a classic pivot table layout. Once I click on classic pivot table layout, it tells me that it will allow you to drag the fields directly into the grid. Now what does that do?

I press OK to find out the look of the pivot table grid changes, and it's much more structured right now. It says report filter fields, column fields, rupees and value fields. And you also have the facility to drag these fields and start making your pivot table. I talk about the details. How do you make the pivot table? What logic Are you going to follow?

But right now the most important part is to observe that these four sections have a corresponding four sections on the bottom right of your screen which means what Whatever you do with report filter fields out here, it gets adequately reflected in the filter box show simultaneously. In fact, if I put salary in somewhere out here values, you'll notice it also reflects in the value field on the main grid area of pivot table that's value fields for you. So practically speaking, these four areas of pivot table grid has a four corresponding boxes on the bottom right of the selection of pivot table. As you progress, I will tell you practically what those can be used for. But at this moment, I'll just end by saying that this one area value fields, this is primarily dedicated for all mathematical calculations. So if I put a salary in the roof ease, I get the list of salary.

But if I put the same thing salary in this value field, it's going to show you some action in the form of some calculation which currently is being shown as sum of salary now Just one last observation the same thing you will get to see in the fourth section of the score box menu which has values. So, as we had discussed all these four sections of the grid area of pivot table has four corresponding boxes. So as we progress ahead, I will make use of all these features and we then see how a report can be generated.

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