1001 Pivot Table - Why Should You Learn?

3 minutes
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Hello everybody. In this video we'll talk about pivot table. And if you have not worked with pivot table before, you will love this new feature of Excel. And even if you have been a user of pivot table, I'll show you some tricks which are going to be extremely beneficial. A lot of people ask me, why should they invest time in learning pivot table? Well, in this video in a very fast manner, I'm going to show the various features and how it can help you in your work.

So if you are interested in knowing the details, you will have to watch the other videos but right now let me take you through a rollercoaster ride, talking about an organization's employee database, the idea of joining me salary, division, rating and age. So primarily I've taken the data which spans over roughly roughly 400 row items. And I want certain reports to be generated out of it. So I press Ctrl A, I go to Insert, I go to pivot table. Okay, now mind you, this is a very fast track video just to show what are the possibilities in between Have a table on an overall basis. So once I go there, I activate one setting the details and the logic of which I'll share this in my next few videos.

At this moment, let me show you the report that I'll be starting with. So I want division wise salary detail in terms of how much salary costs incurred by the organization. I mean, not only one salary, but also that how many people are working in the organization? There you go. Not only that, I also want the average salary, average salary per employee per division. Maybe that gives a hint that which division Should I target for?

So once I get the answers, I'm going to quickly format this data. And once I do so, this is your report talking about total salary, average salary per employee, and the count of people working in each division. Now, I may want that the theme numbers which you get to see may be presented in percentage form. So yes, within a few clicks, I go to an option which allows me to To show the percentage and there you go, if there are 100% people working with the organization, then 35% of them are working with already and I also have the facility to sorted based on the highest to lowest category which means the one which is heavily staff and the one which is sparsely staffed. So, this was part one, report number two, and this is going to be something an eye opener if you have been using pivot table and did not get time to explore more.

So what I do, I pick up salary, I pick up age, and I use a certain technique which allows me to group this salary and age in the manner which I wish to. So eventually what's going to happen is I can find out how many people in my organization for one seven and that two in which age category group and in which salary bracket. Not only that, I may wish to find out what has been the sequence of recruitment, what has been the trend for recruitment Timing as well as us DOJ date of joining group ID. And once I do so I choose months and years both and row, I get a report, which tells me you're wise month wise people who would perhaps be joining this organization or only that I can prepare a report which may exhibit itself like this. So you're wise month wise a proper trend.

Not only that, I will also want to see how has January been in terms of recruitment for different years. And if somebody likes this particular report, of course, he would want to see this report being generated for each of his departments. So use a certain techniques, which quickly allows me to show these different sheets being replicated, you notice a D, C, D, F, D, Ed HFD, LGA D, all these prepared in what less than two seconds. So that was a quick overview of how pivot table can be useful for your work. See you in the detailed videos.

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