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0606 Filter - Choosing the Dataset Correctly

1 minutes
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Hello. Today we will talk about what not to do while working with philtrum. Although there are many more things but I'll start with one major technique because I see professionals making that mistake quite often. And let me take this example which is there in the case studies that have been given. So we have couple of client lists all hypothetical data. Now, I've seen people that they simply choose the header and they go on to apply data and then filter.

Now this could be dangerous, why So assume that towards the middle or towards the end of the data, there may be a certain blank row entire who is blank. If you choose only the header and go to data and then apply filter, notice the filter button and the filter engine has not taken into account all the names below this blank cell. For testing purpose. If I click on the city drop down, I get only good girl and Kolkata. There is no option for Bombay in the drop down. So See, this could lead to erroneous results.

So my point is, anytime you wish to apply for it up, do not simply select the header. instead choose the entire block of data. So I'm going to use the same shortcut technique, dollar shift control right and down and then I will proceed with data and filter. So there you go. This is something what not to do before applying filter

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