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0705 Date Formulas - WEEKDAY(), WORKDAY(), NETWORKDAYS()

3 minutes
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Hi. In this continued series of date based formulas, let me now throw some light on the formula called v day, work day and network this text formula something that we have discussed in the earlier video. Now what is V day, this week there is a formula which simply asks you to choose a date. And what it gives you is the numeric digit sequence of the D. For example, if it is a Friday, it will show you six Saturday being seven. The D series starts from Sunday, so two being Monday, three being Tuesday, and so on, and that carries till seven, seven being Saturday. So that's a weekday formula just telling you the sequence of the calendar days.

Now, there's a formula called workday, which helps you figure out that if there is a starting date of a project, and if you're given five business days to complete it by when it is supposed to get completed. For example, if I'm trying to write a formula called workday. I put the starting date as 30th, December 2011. And then I say, how many days do you need to complete the project, let's say five business days and the definition of business days, as per workday formula is Monday to Friday. So I put five and I close the bracket and press enter. Notice I'm getting sixth of January 2012.

Now the question is, which five day have been chosen? Let me use a color combination. If for example, first of January, that's a Sunday cannot be included as a business day. I go to second of January. I'm going to color that and using a shortcut key, I'm going to give a color blue. Notice, second day is third of January, next fourth of January, 5 of January and sixth of January.

So five business days it took to complete the project and the deadline happens to be sixth of January 2012. Now this workday formula doesn't include the starting date, even if that happens to be a working day. So just be careful, in case you wish to include the starting date, you would have to make a manual adjustment in terms of a simple deduction of one inside the formula, which then tells you fifth of January 2012 being the deadline day. Similarly, as a corollary, there's a formula called network days, what is it? It tries to find out between a start and end date, how many business days are there? So for example, if I write a formula equal to net work days, and the starting date, let's say 30th, December, comma, the ending date, the ending date is assume sixth of January.

I close the bracket and press enter. It gives me six which means what it is not only including the end date, second, third. fourth, fifth sixth all five days included, but it also includes the starting date. So I'm going to give a color. So in network days formula, the start as well as the end date is included both to calculate the number of business days lying between that date range. So this was a very basic formula parameters for workday formula network days formula.

In the next video, I will show you that in 2010 Excel version, you will have been introduced to with a formula called work date dot MTL. And we will see how this is very important especially where there are different countries which follows saturday or sunday both to be holiday or could be Friday is a holiday or could be just that that only Sunday is a holiday in which case Monday to Saturday is a business day. That in the next video

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