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0502 Go To (Special) - Formulas Without Errors

2 minutes
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Hi. In this video, let me give you a task. On the left hand side lies a data table. And you will notice a lot of blank cells numbers thrown across the entire region. Some of these cell may contain a formula, which is something like this when I write equals 10, plus any number divided by any number, or any kind of formula, which is throwing a result in a numeric form. Now, this could be an Excel sheet which your colleague would have worked upon six months back, and when you're taking a handover, you want to find out what last minute adjustments happened while he was working.

So I want to find out which cells are those. If you were to do this using traditional method, you'd have to double click on each and every cell to find that out, isn't it? Now, if you know the right technique, this happens in less than 10 seconds. Let's see. If I choose the data, I press Ctrl G Click on the button thing special. Next, I target the ones which says formula which are carrying numbers formula, which are doing number as an answer.

As I press Ok, I see one of those cells. In fact, two of those cells are getting highlighted. Now just to hold on to their presence, I'm going to color them so home, and here goes the color. Now, both these cells if I double click upon them, one contains 10 plus something, the other contains 766 into 98%. Imagine if you were to find this in a really large data, it would have been something like finding a needle in a haystack. This could also be used beneficially if you are belonging to the domain of forensic audit.

A lot of times you get data from the client staff and you want to vet this and you want to do a sanity check whether the data is containing any internal adjustments and if so, then you can go back to the client and ask for the reason. So this was Ctrl G formula with numbers

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