0614 Advanced Filter - More Parameters

3 minutes
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Greetings everyone. Today I'll be talking about the different operators and the different combinations of the criteria that you can put in the Advanced Filter to get a much more refined output. And I'll start with some basic examples. Before us lies a table, which says what are the potential criterias? And what is it going to EAM. For example, let me start with a simple one.

If I simply put an equal to sign under, let's say amount dollars, it means it will pick up those entries which contain a blank. And let me proceed with the live example. I go to advanced, I pick up the small data range, this is only for experimentation. I go to criteria range, and I pick up these two cells. Now since the second radio button has not been picked on, the third option doesn't get activated. So once I do so, I say please copy to another location, let's say out here.

Let's see what we get. You noticed I get only two names, and those are the two names that says Anthony couldn't do and who tell against which there is nothing to basically, this criteria when you put for that is simply equal to it means a blank. Similarly, had I put in under location, a single code followed by equal to park, it means it should only contain the text Park. And let me again show live example, I go to advanced, the list remains the same, so I'm not changing that the criteria range although needs to be changed, so I choose this location along with the cell below it. And I check on the cop to another location radio button and make sure the output is somewhere out here. So, this is one cell which I've chosen to be my destination cells, okay.

Notice I get only one line entry from the main data that says only path. So what I've done is I've given a very comprehensive list of the different combinations of criteria that you can give and what is it that they are going to produce as an output. So you can also use wildcard characters. For example, if you save a not equal to a star, it means contains in tech except x that begins with a. So if I choose that, let's see what happens. Let me In fact, let me put that same criteria copy and paste.

So now it says not equal to a star. So advanced copy to another location listings remains the same. And criteria range, this time I'm picking up location, not equal a star, and copy where copy to this cell where the output should begin. So I'm getting all the names, but not those names with just starting with a. So this is how you can use the various combinations. And the more you try, the better you will get at it.

If you want to extract readout which starts with letter P, you can also say single quote equal to n letter P. So give it a try. Try different combinations and we'll talk more About filters, advanced filters or challenges in the new videos which I'm going to produce every time every now and then. Till then bye bye

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