0805 Data Validation - Text Length w. Error Alert

1 minutes
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Hi there. in one of the previous videos, we saw how to validate user input based on the date inputs. Example, we can define the range, this time, our focus is going to be on column D. Now, here I want to have a technique built in which says whatever the ID code mentioned, it should not be exceeding four in length. In fact, to be more precise, it should be exactly four in length. So how do I factor that in? I choose the entire group of cells.

I go to data, I go to data validation, data validation, there, I click on and this time let me go to settings allow any value No, allow text length, and here you say for minimum and maximum for an error alert. I just gave a customized message that is in valid ID and error message I say the text length should be four. That's about it. As I press OK, let me test this out if I write a B one two, perfect, if I write a DD one to a ha, you notice I get the message which I had tried to populate the text lens should be for the try and let me correct this 1234. So this was about restricting the text length with the min or max. In this case, it was min max being the same thing.

That means it should be exactly for England.

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