0302 Format Painter - "Uninterrupted Click-ability"

1 minutes
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Hello, I'm sure a good number of you who are viewing this videos will already be using Format Painter either in Word or Excel or PowerPoint, which helps you replicate the format from one cell and apply to another. For example, it's all himself. I click on Format Painter, and I then touch the other cell where I want this format replicated. Problem is, it loses that format painter power once it has been applied. So I wish to retain that power until I press escape. That means I wish to apply the same format using Format Painter to a couple of cells which are not in continuation.

So I choose the original sell. I double click on Format Painter, and then I touch the first cell which contains sample text two, then three, then five, and notice the icon of Format Painter still exist. That will only go away as I press escape. So double clicking on Format Painter will help you uninterruptedly apply this format painter. Now just a word of caution for those who are using a Excel window with the ribbon hidden. What happens when you click on this format one and you wish to double click on Format Painter, you definitely go to Home tab.

But then when you double click on Format Painter what happened the second click may happen on the this letter of column, in which case the double click has not actually taken effect on Format Painter. So what I would suggest is that you first double click on the Home tab, make sure the ribbon is permanent on your screen, then choose format one year and then double click Format one and then choose the cell where you want apply this particular format as an alternative to this using shortcut key would be Ctrl C, and then going to another cell, either Alt E s, that's for PE special something that we have discussed earlier. And then notice the fourth option, same format. I'll press the letter T, enter. There you go. So this was a special format along with double click Format Painter.

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