0602 Custom Sort

5 minutes
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Hi there everyone. Today we will be talking about custom sorting. And using an example you understand what it means given before us is a series of data, and that is different month amount against it. Now let's say I want to sort this as per the order of calendar month sequence that is January to December. How do I do so because that doesn't conform to the standards of A to Zed or Z to A. So I go and choose the data, choosing any one self control a, I go to data, I click on sort.

Now from the previous exercise, I had these earlier sort option which I'm going to delete right now so as to start from scratch, I could add level this button which adds a level which allows me to choose month sort by month, but notice this time I'm not going to pick up the order of A to Zed and that way instead I will be taking this option called custom list. Now when I go to custom list, there are a few predefined options the sequence of salmon a short form of the days, Sunday, Monday Tuesday the full form similarly for month also you have the option which you cannot add or delete. Now, since my data belongs to a sequence of months whereby the month names are in full, I will be choosing this option saying January February, March, April. And I will say OK, so now the month will be sorted as per the sequence of January, February, March and so on so forth.

As I press OK, let's see what's going to happen. Yep, this is what I was expecting January, there is no name of February hence, February has been skipped March, April, May June and so on so forth. So, this is a very, very easy and basic form of custom sorting. However, if you want to populate your own list of customized sequence of names, you can do so and this. I am going to illustrate through an example. If I go to exercise two, you notice I have the sequence of Northwest He's all mixed up.

So what I'm going to do is I'm going to choose the data, I'm going to go to thought, the sequence that I want to get this data sorted is in the news format, Ne, Ws, north, east, west and south. So I say sort by the zone. That's the heading zone, and order, I'm going to pick custom list. Now only for the one time you need to define the sequence of entries. The stores that in a common dictionary, which you can use anytime you want in future if you are using the same PC. So I'm going to put not, it is not case sensitive, but for my aesthetic appeal of the data.

I'm going to keep it as not within capital. Thereafter, east, enter, West, enter, and thereafter south. If I happen to make a mistake in the spelling, this is not going to help me sort the data correctly. So I'm going to make sure that the Spelling's are all correct. Once you have defined the sequence in this manner, please make sure that you Add it to the custom list options box on left. Once I press OK, it says zone wise, the order that you are looking forward to is not east, west south, as I press OK. Yep, here you go.

This is neither alphabetical order or reverse alphabetical order. In fact, it is in exact sequence you had wanted. And I've seen people use this on occasions where they might have to sort the list based on designation. For example, in a company I want when the data gets sorted, maybe the director is first followed by senior manager, then manager and then finally associate. So what I'm going to do is, I have for the purpose of convenience, I have already written these four words, out here, four phrases. I'm going to copy that from inside the cell.

Please note that I am not copying the cell. Nope. I am copying the content inside the cell so that it gets easily copied. stayed towards the sort custom listbox. So after having copied, I press escape, I go to the data choose this, I go back to sort, and I say please sort by the designation not name. And in the order, I'm going to go to custom list.

I'm going to put my cursor in the right hand side box, which says list entries, and I'm going to paste as it is. So either you put comma differentiators or you put the names in different line items, both are acceptable. Just make sure the spelling is correct. So as I add it, now, you notice it's in exact similar lines as we had in North East West South case. So director for senior manager manager and followed by associate. So I'm going to sort the entire list by the designation of the audit director, Senior Manager, manager and associate, I press OK. Yep, I have it as per my requirement.

So similarly, if you're working with different sections of tax deducted at source or TDs, as it's called in the Indian law, You can also sort the list by 194 j first one nine before I for those who are working with such sections of TDs, under which the tax is deducted at source. So practice I have more tricks in the upcoming videos. See you then

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