0401 Cell Referencing ($) - 1 of 2

3 minutes
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Greetings everyone, this is one of those refresher videos on how to lock and freeze the cells so that they do not move as you copy and paste the formula down and write. To take an example before us lies few names hypothetical and the amount in dollars pleased against them. Now I intend to give them a 5% discount and that's the reason you will find the number 700 because 5% of 14,000 is what I'm looking at 700 but what I want is when I choose the cell containing the invoice amount and multiply with the cell containing the discount percentage, that formula should be easily copy paste table to the cells below it. As of now, it is showing me errors and all incorrect answer Reason being once a cell has been chosen in this case b six and C three. As you copy paste it down it becomes B seven and seafood.

They are moving vertically in the same direction. As your copy pasting the formula, now because of this phenomenon, you notice the red colored cell, the In fact, the cell with the border color red is pointing to an blank cell, which means you're multiplying something with a blank as expected, you are getting a zero. In the next one, you are trying to multiply a txt value with a number and that is the reason you are getting a value error. So this way, you are populating all incorrect answer. If somehow I have the ability to tell Excel Look, the C three, which is currently pointing to the cell containing 5% should not move down. It should stick to its own position that is fee three.

And to be able to do that, I need to tell Excel two things one, the column C, it should remain column C, it should not jump to D or E or maybe column B ever. At the same time, the third row it should remain third row all throughout it should not be four, or five, or six. So what I'm going to do is after having In chosen c three, I'm going to press the shortcut key f4 function key four, it quickly gives dollar before c dollar before three, you could have also put that manually but this is a faster approach putting f4 function key in action. Now once I've done so, let me see what it gives me as I copy paste the formula down. Notice, in all these cases, C three remains c three all throughout, even for that matter, if I'd copy pasted the formula somewhere out here, let's say the formula still includes c three, it doesn't change the column from C to D, all the all loop column B has changed to column I but C remains C. So the entire meaning of putting dollar before any character of the cell reference is it is fixed.

We will see more variations there. I'll show you what does this combination mean where you have just $1 before the row number and just $1 before the column number as of now, this is to ensure that the entire cell phone person is frozen.

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