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0307 Cell Drag-n-drop Auto Fill Options vs. EOMONTH() - End of Year/Quarter/Month

1 minutes
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Hi there. Now the question that I'm going to put forth is related to autofill feature. This was a question asked by one of the participants of my workshop program long time back. He said, Look, when you are pulling any date right inside, and if you choose fail years, you will definitely get the year end for 31st December 1030 for December 11 12 1314 and 15. But the point is, what if I wish that whenever I change the starting date, let's say starting date being 31st March 2014, when I change that the other dish will also change. Now that is not possible with autofill feature.

That is possible, though, with a formula called Evo month. So what it does in the year month, if I change it to 31st, March 2010. Notice, all the dates have jumped by three months. So showing you the quarter ends. If you want your ends, I just put well it's all 12 months hence, if I want month end, I just put one. So this eo month formula I would recommend that you watch in one of our videos that will enable you to achieve this particular feature

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