0304 Transferring (Merging) Cell Style From One Workbook to Another

1 minutes
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Hello there. In this video I will teach you how to transfer the predefined cell style from one workbook to another. Because by default, if you have defined a cell style that should be restricted to only one workbook. Now assume I already have certain cells style define the dark orange and assumption cells. And this I want to transfer to a new book. So I press Ctrl N, that will open a new workbook in my screen, it's called book two.

Now, assuming the original file in which you had predefined, the cell style is still open in the background, I can go to cell style of the new workbook cell style, I'll go to merge style, yes, of using merge styles. And if the other workbook is open for the time being, I can simply select once and press OK. So although you'll not find any visible difference on the outset, but if you go back to cell style of the new workbook, notice it now has assumptions. And now if you close the old workbook, which I'm going to do so Notice the cell style still remains. So this is how you merge Cell Styles into the new workbook thereby not repeating your last exercise of defining cell styles.

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