Text Formulas – LEFT(), RIGHT() & SEARCH() - 2 of 2

2 minutes
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Hello everybody. In this video session we'll talk about search formula and how it can be used help extract the data. So, search formula What does it do? Let me give you a brief example first by writing the search formula, it says which kind of text what kind of text Do you want to find I say, I want to find the placement of the space and hence in a pair of double quotation I have put in a space. Now it tells me within what text in this text, what it gives me is this positioning that means running is five character name and followed by the space which is on sixth position. Now where is it used?

Quite often, you would want to use this in combination of formulas like left or right or made depending on what kind of character you are looking at. So for example, if I want to extract the data of all the names using left formula, in the left formula, I must know that How many characters do I need to extract in this case five. But of course, that is not going to hold true had the name been a very simple one like son. Because if I do that, it not only extract the sun but also the space and the for thereafter. So what I need to do is in place of that hard coded five, I am going to insert a search formula. Notice I've closed another parenthesis to ensure search formulas complete from the point of your parentheses.

Now within search, I say look for find what find that one space, comma, then I choose to sell. But when I press enter, you'll notice as I copy paste down, it might take all the names, but the length of the data is not going to be what it looks like. Six Why? Because it has taken not only the names but also one space. Why? Because search was looking for the placement of space.

So eventually what you might want to do is towards the end of search formula, notice where have I put my cursor. So towards the end of search formula, and within the left formula, I'm putting a minus one. So now it's a perfect Ronnie without the space. That's where you see the lenise five. So this was an example of how search can be used in combination wealth lift formula.

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