0601 Vertical Sort - 1-level and 2-level

2 minutes
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Either, this is going to be a very quick video on how to sort the data. And once you've seen the basics, especially for people who are using sorting for the first time, we will see how many tricks are hidden inside a sorting. So this is the basics on sorting, I go to exercise one by clicking on this plus button. As you open it up, this is something that we had discovered while discussing grouping that stare under data group. Now in here, if I want to basically sort this data in descending order, from the point of view of amount, I will first choose the data. If the data is continuous, you can use the shortcut key Ctrl A to be able to select the data else, you may keep your cursor on the first cell, press Shift control right down CTRL backspace key to go back to the header.

And then I'm going to go to data and click on sort. Alternatively, you can also press a shortcut key alt d s, one at a time, not simultaneously. Once I do that, It gives me the same dialog box which the SOT button would have given. So it says sort by what sort by the amount. Now notice at times what happens if this checkbox is turned off, it means a column B or column C. This generally happens if you do not have any header in the data. But even if you find a heading saying column A or B, or C, just check whether you have this checkbox turned on, which says my data has headers.

And now I go to amount dollar sort by amount dollar largest to smallest. And there you go. This is they're in descending order. So this was the basics of sorting. If you want to sort alphabetically, you can also go back to the sort sort by month, month, and then I'm going to choose A to Zed. So that's going to be what, April, August, December, January and so on so forth.

You can also apply a dual sorting That is, if within within the same month of April, you want me be descending order ascending order I go back to sort, I'm going to add one more level, which says, Please sort them by amount dollars. In this case, I'm going to put largest to smallest or just to test smallest to largest. Okay? Notice within April you have ascending order, August you have ascending order, and so on so forth. So more tricks coming up on sorting in the upcoming videos.

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