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0505 Go To (Special) - Fill Intermittent Blank Cells - Case 2

2 minutes
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Hi, as part of the series of Ctrl, G and Ctrl, enter techniques from the previous video session, here comes another task. On the left hand side lies a table where a set of number has been totaled up. And that particular line item which has a hypothetical limb, ABC contains the total of the above numbers in this case. Now, what we want is to fill up all these gaps such that if I wish to apply filter, I can do so very quickly. How do I do so? First, let me place my cursor on the first blank cell.

Let me press Shift, control m key. It uses the last use as an anchor to take its selection to now I press Shift control up arrow key, shift left, left, left, left, left, left press Ctrl backspace key, it keeps the selection and at the same time, lets me look at the entire data set right from the header. I press Ctrl G. I'm good. to press Alt, S key, this will take me to the gold especially box and within which I'm going to choose key letter key. This will take me to blanks. And since I need to build a chain which reference a value from the bottom cell or the cell below it, I'll put equal to the cell below it.

In this case, if I let me press Ctrl, enter, and there you go, you'll notice all the selection has been filled with the requisite value, which has been taken from this cell, which is acting as an anchor, in this case, ABC. If you wish to apply a special value, this will just solidify the entire data set such that if one data is needed, it doesn't destabilize the entire data set. So I'm going to select the first cell, shift, right shift CTRL down arrow key Ctrl C, the shortcut key for paste special value Ctrl, Alt V, and then let me choose letter V, which will highlight value and Let me press enter. So there you go. In a few seconds, you're able to fill All the blank cells. See you the next video.

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