0702 Dates - Important Concepts 2 of 2

4 minutes
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Hi. Now that we know that every valid data in Excel is stored as a number, and it can be verified by the formula is number, let's proceed to see how a date can be presented to the end user when he wishes to take a printout or wishes to see a date in a certain form the skin of the date, yes, how I can change the skin of a date, well, you would have already come across such a phenomenon where you would have right click on a date went inside format cells, something that can also be activated using the shortcut key Ctrl one. Once you are inside format cells, you would have picked up the desired presentation value of a date. For example, in this case, if I pick this value, it will show the date in January then the digit two followed by a comma and then the year.

Now this is just the skin of the date. If I double click on any date, in this case, it happens to be a formula but let's see the previous one. If I double click on any date, notice internally it is showing you the date in M de vie format. Now where is it coming from? What is the origin of this format MD? Why?

Well, if you could quickly go to control panel settings of your Microsoft PC, which I will do in my case, I will press all tab, it's there already on my screen. Now within that you'll notice there's something called region and language. In the older versions of operating system of windows, you would have found a consolidated word called region and language. In some of the locations you might also get the entire category group where you would find this clock language and region. So what I may do is I choose a category I say Large Icons, and then I specifically go to region. Within region, what I get to see is point number one.

You can change the format from English United States to English, let's say English, UK, English India. And based on that country's convention of showing the dates it will convert to MD vi or dm why, for example, in this case, I go one step. I Hit, I go to the additional settings, and then I go to the tab of date. And I'm going to choose that as d m, d m y, and let that be the M y in this case to the m y, and I'm going to press Apply button. Okay, and apply okay get out of the setting. When I returned back to excel.

Notice this time when I write 22, slash 08, slash 2009. Now typically, this is what DMV format. As I press enter, it accepts that as a date. How do I know for sure, if I write his number formula and check for the accuracy and validity of the date it will say true, however, had I written the same date in the MDI format this time 822 slash 2009, it would not accept that as a date. So basically the format initial format dm y or MD y is controlled by the control panel settings by Default, which is turned to aim the why. So I go back to control panel settings, region, yes, within which I go to additional settings.

I go to the Data tab and change that to MDB format, which is the default format, same for long data, or as I may simply go to the button saying reset. Yes, so it's coming back to the original form default setting. I press OK. Apply. Ok. And I close the entire button of control panel and go back to my Excel sheet. Notice that data that were entered earlier, doesn't destabilize it still is 22 August although internally when I double click it shows me 822 2009 What about this one by double click and then press enter it then gets converted to the correct date.

So all in all, the MD vi or dm y can be changed through Control Panel settings. Format Cells is just the skim and every validate is a number which can be verified using his number All these concepts we will be applying when we go to the next couple of exercises.

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