0703 Date Formulas - DAY(), MONTH(), YEAR(), DATE()

2 minutes
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Hello there. This time we learn for form loss with respect to dates, simple formulas are mostly used in data analysis along with logical statements. Now, if you have a date already mentioned in one of the cells, there is a formula which is called D. What it does, it extracts the D that is third three. Now, although the formula parameter says CL number, but we are choosing a cell which contains a date, and if you remember from our earlier videos, every valid date is a number. So, I close the bracket and what I get is the formula D. Similarly, if I write equal m o n and press the Tab key, I'm going to choose the cell which contains the date close the bracket and what you get is a calendar month sequence for June which is six. Now, these formulas are generally used in combination with logical statements where you might say, if the month is less than or equal to six, which means January to June, then perhaps take a step away One If not, then take step two.

So, in terms of Formula year, what we get now is an uncertain year 2011. Now, at times if you are getting a data in text format where the date month and year are separated by a certain value, you may be getting those in different columns when you export to Excel. How do you combine these components into one single cell, which then is understood by Excel as date, the formula to be written in that case is date. Let me write in the correct cell equal to d ay t tacky. First, it asks for your which I gladly choose comma, then month, comma, and then followed by D. I choose the last parameter I close the bracket I press Enter. And once I do that, by default, it shows me the date in the MD vi format, which is the default setting for the specie if I do Then choose this date, I press Ctrl Shift three, it quickly changes it back to a format which not only shows the date but also the month in JN format.

So those were four formulas day, month, year and date formula

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