1013 Pivot Table - Pivot Chart Shortcut and Sparklines

2 minutes
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Hi there, welcome back. In this mini video I will show you how to tricks which are not immediately related to pivot table can be applied with pivot tables so that you get something very fascinating on your screen. First thing is going to be a shortcut key which helps you generate a pivot chart. So if I place my cursor on pivot table, any one cell from the pivot table grid area, and if I press F 11 function key f 11, see what is going to happen in a moment's time, it generates a pivot chart in a completely new sheet. And that pivot chart is completely customizable, as per the drop down of pivot table. So that if you choose, let's say a couple of divisions from this checkbox and press OK, the chart automatically changes based on the user inputs.

This was shortcut key number one. If I go back to the pivot table, let me make sure all of the divisions are selected. Now although I'll be talking about sparklines and much more greater detail in subsequent videos. But I want to show you that if you sparklines with the data that you have been given by the pivot table, how wonderful experience would you have, in fact, even the end user, who you are going to send this file to. So what happens is next, I go to Insert Tab, from 2010 version of Excel onwards, they have come up with something called sparklines. The section will find this under Insert Tab sparklines.

If I click on line, and what it asks me thereafter is where is your data range. So if I choose the data in somewhat like this, notice, I am not choosing the text value, nor am I choosing a grand total. And same, I'm not choosing the header I'm just choosing the numeric value. If I press OK. This is the trend which I can see based on the different divisions. Something similar.

I go to Insert, I go to win loss, loss, win loss. This is generally used when you have negative numbers. But if I go to column and then I go to these numbers and Simply choose them and press OK. There you go. This is a similar 10 but shown in bar diagram. So just integrating two shortcuts and tricks along with pivot table to give you something more

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