1014 Pivot Table - Drill Down Option

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Hi there. This time, I'm going to show a small trick which allows you to get into the deeper details of the pivot table you are working with. For example, you may have made a pivot table which shows the eight divisions and the number of people working within those divisions. Now, if you happen to pick in data or mathematical number from the main action area or value field, and if you double click on that, what you notice is it generates a new sheet in which the details are residing. So for example, since I clicked on this number, which is falling under CFD, in the new sheet, what I noticed is all these employees with the list of which code generated are showing that they are all from CD f d. So this is like a report on demand a drill down report. So if you double click on any number in the main action area, that's the value field, you will get this in a new sheet, the breakup of the entire set of numbers.

So there you go. This was another trick which allows you to get into deeper details of pivot table data.

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