0603 Sort Trick - Add Alternate Blank Rows In-between Existing Rows

2 minutes
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Either. This is for those who are using salt for quite some time, I have a challenge before you. And the data is such that you have a list of the different region north, east, west and south. Now you have to convert this data into the output which have given on the right hand side that is, you need to insert a blank row after every line item. Now imagine if you're given a data with spans over thousand rows. And you were to do this through traditional method, how would you proceed, you would select the entire row, right click Insert row, or better still, you might say choose the next row and press Ctrl Shift plus sign.

This will add another row, or else you might also tell me Look, I already know about a shortcut key which repeats my last action, which is function key f4. But all these techniques are manual, because 4000 rules you have to repeat those steps thousand times. So I need us to learn a technique which allows us to create create two additional blank rows between every line item and that too quickly, irrespective of the data line in length, I would want that you pause the video, ponder over this challenge. And after you have given a thought a thought, then we'll see what the solution is. Please pause the video. So what happened?

Did you try it? Okay. If you had trouble in finding the solution, let me share the solution with you. Now the trick, the trick to be able to explain the trick, let me just simply copy this data to an extra blank sheet. Yep, there you go. Now what I'm going to do is I'm going to add another row heading, which is called DME serial number, this only for our reference purpose dummy field number.

What I'm going to do is I'm going to put one I'm going to put two thereafter and selecting both one and two. I'm going to double click at the bottom right of the selection, so that you get a perfect list of features numbers. Now, whenever you double click all the C lumber that gets generated is already selected, so I need to copy that I need to paste that. What happens as I reduce the zoom factor, you'll notice the sales numbers have come up two times because you copy paste it. Now when I choose the entire list, I'll go to data. I'll go to sort.

And I'll say, please sort by dummy serial number. Imagine what is going to happen if I sort the list by the column of WC lumber in the smallest to largest format. The ones and the ones are going to be together, followed by twos and twos and threes and threes, and so on so forth. As I press OK. This is what we were looking for. Quickly, you are able to add an extra blank row in your data and you take the same time, irrespective of how big the data is.

So try a super special trick with respect to sorting

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