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Hi, everybody, I want to initiate a discussion on shortcut keys on Excel. Now, I've been coming across a lot of professionals who boast about the Excel shortcut keys. And as a normal user, who is probably starting to use shortcut keys, I would not like to burden you with tons and tons of shortcut keys because it's not something like that you're going to memorize it, and then you're going to iterate it on Excel. It's all about practice. So what I've done is in this continued series of minja shortcuts, I've hand picked some of the very important shortcut keys and also graded them in terms of very important, important and workable. So you'll notice in the Excel files that you'll be working with, there are few shortcut keys which are marked in red, those are super important.

Even users who have been using Excel for almost a decade may not have used them. So there is a point of focus one point of focus to is the one mentioned in blue. So majority of the users do not know about this, but he has a handful of them who have been using this for quite some time we'll know about it. And the ones which are more commonly used are the one I have indicated in black. So this is how we're going to focus our discussion. This is how we are going to learn shortcut of minja level.

So let's proceed with our exercises.

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