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0607 Filter Analysis w. Shortcuts

2 minutes
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Hi there. This video is about using certain shortcut keys while working with filter, some of which we've already discussed, so I'm going to quickly go through them. But more importantly, how do you select choices once the filter has been applied, so I choose the first cell that's the header cell, shift control, right and down, that helps me choose the data. Now if you press ALT key, notice this key tips comes up and the one which is pointing towards data is saying a, so I press the letter A, and within which the button filter is indicated by the letter T. So I press T. So practically speaking, all AP is a shortcut key to activate filter professionals who have been using the older versions of Excel, they will remember or D FF as a shortcut key to activate filter. However, I have started preferring alt EP. Now once that has been done, let's see I want to use a drop down of the third column which says city and I want to pick up one The choices so how do I activate that button and give me that drop down options, I will press ALT down arrow key.

This quickly opens up the options box, I can maneuver using the down and right arrow key. Now once you've come to the selected choices as I can see from the three city names good Galang, Kolkata and Mumbai. I can use spacebar to uncheck one of the options, the second one, or even third one, or maybe check again using the Select all option. Once done, I can press OK. In this case, I've chosen Google enter. That's it, I get to go on clients.

Now, what I've seen is amongst the good gang clients, when I go to the client name, that's the first column I press ALT down arrow key. Now, the problem is often quite often it happens that you will have lot of choices amongst these drop down. Now to be able to reach to the last end, where generally the blank option is given. We'll be using the end key end end Keith, it quickly takes me to the last option now whereas this use, for example, if you had a data which may have certain blanks in them, then thereafter, I go to the alt down arrow key to activate the first button. Once I press down, down down couple of times to go to these couple of options. I press n key, you notice the last one being the blank.

If I press home key, it takes me back to select all. So let's assume that I have to pick up those blank cells within the GAO options. I will be checking off the Select all using the spacebar or press the end key. Again, press the spacebar to activate blinds and there you go, enter key. So those are the shortcut keys which you would want to apply by working with filter and I press all AP again, to come back to the previous scenario.

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