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0506 Go To (Special) - Visible Cells w. Shortcut

2 minutes
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Hello everyone, let me share with you one quick trick. And this will be more interesting if you have been using the data subtotal button anywhere in your data to present and make your reports all if you have not used this before, you may watch our videos on this particular topic. But for the time being, notice that there is a data set, which has been grouped based on the supplier name and number. And for the time being, what I would want is that when I expand the selection, all the headers when I say header, I'm referring to the main line item which totals up all the amount above it should be colored. Now if I click on level two, although it summarizes the entire information, and you might be tempted to choose all the data and color it color, but the point is the color gets built inside the data.

So I need a mechanism with which I can save myself from doing this manually one at a time, at the same time doing it correctly. So let's see what the trick is, I first choose the entire data set at the point where this data is summarized and all the main headings are visible, I will press Ctrl G, I'll press ALT s, and there's something called visible cells only what it does is it chooses all the cells which are currently visible. Now when I press OK, you notice there's a slight difference in appearance of the screen, very subtle, and what it has done, it has chosen all the cells which are visible, if you wish to now apply a color, the color gets only applied to the cell which are visible. Notice the difference. In fact, if you intend to use this technique quite a lot, let me also share a shortcut key.

Use the data but instead of pressing CTRL G and going through the special button route, I would advise you that you press the shortcut key alt semicolon long as you do so, it quickly chooses all the visible cells. Next topic is go to whom and apply the formatting changes that you wish to. And that's it done. We check whether it's happened correctly. I'm going to press on this button level three. You notice all the main header rules has been colored now.

So this was Ctrl G, special and visible cells.

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