0108 Using Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)

4 minutes
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Hello there. This video I especially focus on the shortcut key that we have been or we will be using for paste special value. Well, the concept is in case you have a formula, which probably in this case is adding a few of the numbers above, and you want to replace these this formula with a value which says nine and 17, respectively. So what we do generally we copy the cell, and we right click on it, and then we say PASTE SPECIAL. Once I click on Paste Special, it brings me the old dialog box to one of the options, same values. Okay, so what it does is it replaces the formula with a value.

Now I'm going to press Ctrl Zed, because the next time I'm going to apply a special value, it is going to be with a series of shortcut keys. So first things first, I copy the cell. On occasion I see people working in midnight they forget to copy the cell and they are trying to use the shortcut key of A special it will never get applied. Make sure that he first copy the cells, the content and then people receive these special shortcut key. So Ctrl C, one of the first shot at which I want to show you is Alt E s v, enter. This is a series of shortcut key one at a time to be pressed one at a time.

So all then e, then S, then you notice the values, the V has been underlined V for victory, so I press V and then enter. This is one way of the special value. This is another way. Let me press controls that bring back the data to its original form. Again, choose a cell I press Ctrl C, then this time, I'm going to press Ctrl Alt v together, and it prompts me with the same pay special value dialog box. So I press the letter V V for values and then I press enter.

It does the same effect. It does the same thing as what all ESP would have done. Besides this. You might comment that look these ports shortcut key or rather cumbersome they involve a seat Have these to be pressed either simultaneously or one at a time. I want the easy scenario, which probably just uses water just to shortcut key not even enter the How's that possible? Let me show you the trick.

I will go to file I will go to options. Within options I go to Quick Access Toolbar. Now what is quick access toolbar, I have this small area where a couple of icons are already predefined. Now I want to have a button which says paste value on this Quick Access Toolbar section. So when I go to Quick Access toolbar, I from the drop down choose all command. Now this is necessary because this allows you to see all the possible commands exhaustively.

Now I'll select any one and press the letter P which allows me to see all the shortcut keys starting with letter P. So as I scroll down notice towards the bottom of the P a series you will find pasted Be very careful do not choose Paste name or paste special, use paste values and then say add. What it then does is after you press OK and get out of this entire dialog box, besides save beside undo redo, you will have another icon which will say is values. Notice how with just to shortcut key will you be able to use this. So, I choose a cell primarily should have been with formula. So I choose Excel, I'm going to press Ctrl C, which is a standard format of copying cell. Thereafter, I press ALT key.

And notice as soon as I press all key on the Quick Access toolbar, the digit four is indicating paste value. So all I have to do is press the digit four. There you go, that was a special value, I just had to press to shortcut key. Now if you are putting a lot of these icons on Quick Access toolbar, maybe maybe the sequence would then define paste value as old five or maybe six depending on where it is placed. So at the end of Wait, what I noticed is it just requires two shortcut key not even enter. If you've been using a special value, start with this technique where you are going to go to File options within which Quick Access toolbar, then all commands, pick up the pace value, which certainly you will find in the list and then just make sure you added Not only that, in case you happen to use filter quite often, you find out various filter icon and from that given list, you simply add that to the Quick Access Toolbar.

So next time if you wish to apply a filter, all you got to do is choose the data and press ALT and then in this case, digit five. That's about it. So see you in the next series of shortcut videos.

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