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Hello everybody. In this video session we talk about a cluster of formulas who are hovering around the concept of counting. So we have before us couple of formulas called count a is stand for all count all count blank. As the name suggests, it's going to count the blanks in a given array. The Count simply count, we'll see the difference between count versus counting, and a separate formula count, if I'll just be brief about the formula counters, but I'll be going into detail as we progress to the next few sections and lectures. To start with, what is count eight.

If I double click on the cell containing seven notice count is a formula which has just captured an array, a series of values, and it's just counting the cells which has some sort of content inside them. So for example, there are four plus three in total, seven filled up cells, in case there is a space in one of these blank cells. It also counts that so it means count a count all including space, including numbers alphanumeric, whatever it finds out, there are currently 10 counts in the given array. Compared with count, count a versus count. Count is a formula which only counts the specific cell instances where numbers exist. For example, in this case, out of the 10 cells, which I'm going to highlight, right now, there is one cell which has word called check, it has not counted that and count formula has just been what nine, of course goes without saying that if it's a blank cell, it will not be counted.

So it counts only the number of cells which has numeric values in sitemap numbers stored as number. Now, on the other hand, a formula count blank quite often used to find out whether in a given series of data how many cells contain nothing, so count blank as a double click on this digit three. It says in this array, there are two total three blank cells. And by the way, in case there were any space, it will be counted as a non blank image. This case hence showing you answer to. Now, often it also does happen that you wish to count based on a specific criteria, although I will be talking about counter formula in greater detail later, but right now just want to give a brief overview.

So I wish to find out how many yes instances are there in the given data. So I write count is equal to count if notice I'm writing the extra s to indicate count is S, from our discussions or shortcut key, I'm pressing Ctrl A, and it tells me I need to choose a criteria. So criteria is going to be the letter Yes. And the criteria range is going to be the entire range where possibly yes can be found. So as usual, I'm going to press f4 to ensure that the entire range is not. So criteria is yes, and criteria range is the entire array of values which contains Yes, no all mixed up.

So there are four instances of yes and certified letter word, no doubt is the act to install Instead of note, if I write incomplete, let's see what's going to be incomplete. Oh yes, there are four instances of incomplete. So this is just a cluster of formula which talks about count and now you know the difference between all so as you progress with some more project data, we will be differentiating and using accordingly, those word count formulas.

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