0704 Date Formulas - TEXT()

3 minutes
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Hi there. This time, let me talk about the text Formula One of the very important formulas for presentation of data into a certain desired custom format. In this case, I have a couple of dates for June 2011, which I want to present in this form either Friday, or fry, or 033 indicates what indicates the third of third of June. So the formula goes like this text. First thing it asks for is the value, I choose the date value. Next, it asks for what is the desired format of output.

So in double quotation, I give BD DD four times d, I close the double quotation, I close the bracket thereafter, as soon as I press enter, what I get is Friday. Now had I put in just tripled the I would have got the short form of the day, and had I put just two times the letter D, I would have got the actual dates 03. Similarly, I can also apply this formula, if I wish to find out the month name, I choose the date comma, double quotation, double n double a double quotation close close the brackets and enter. So, if you wish to find just the shorter form of the month name, you would have used just three times the letter M. Similarly, if you want to find out the calendar month sequence of the month June then just to M will be sufficient enough and goes without saying that if you had written text formula and chosen the date and written double y double y in the double quotation, you would have got the year 2011.

Now, what specifically is this format, now this format text is the one which you generally get to see inside format cells. When I go to custom, so any of these format which is generally found under custom format can be enclosed in the pair of double quotation. So for example, if there is a format which I prefer to have on my screen with respect to date, I can use a combination of DD mmm and y, y, y in that sequence. For example, equal text, choosing the date, comma, then double quotation, I'm writing DD dot m dot y, y, y y, I close the double quotation, I close the bracket and I press enter. There you go. I have the date in 0306 2011.

And this is also useful when you are combining the date with a prefix word date. And then you're combining with a actual date. You notice it gets converted to a number. Now this will happen why because every validate is a number. So make sure that you apply the text formula before you choose the number in this case, using DD hyphen, mmm, hyphen y y double quotation close using the brackets enter. So this way you have been able to concatenate or combine the word date with the date That you would wish to point to in a desired format.

So that was text formula

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