1008 Pivot Table - Grouping - Numbers

3 minutes
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Hello and welcome back. This time we talk about grouping feature which is embedded in pivot table. Now this is not the same grouping as you would have guessed by now there is data and then grouping No, there's something new. And this primarily works with three kinds of data set, one numbers, second date, third text. Now with numbers and date, you have a tremendous advantage. Why?

Because you can automatically group into clusters. What I'll show you an example. Let's assume let me start with numbers. So when I look at the field items, I see salaries a number, reading is an a number, each is also a number based field. Now if I put salary either in column field, or I put salary in the roofie, either of the two scenarios, once I do so, and I right click on any one of the salary items. towards the middle part of this option, I get something called group.

I'm going to click on it group Let's see carefully what this tells me. It tells me automatic grouping, which would start at a number one through 898 and ends at a certain number. And by what interval will it show the grouping in in terms of one lakh one 10th of a million. Now, if I press OK, I'm not changing any option right now, I'm just simply pressing OK. Notice the clustering has been done automatically starting from the minimum salary and with an interval of one lakh. Now, this automatic clustering can also be made to look beautiful, if I again right click and go back to grouping and I then start with just $1. Now, what it means is, you are modifying the starting point and as I do so, notice now it becomes one to one lakh, one lakh one to two lakh, two lakh one to three lakh and so on.

So, quite often, even for sampling purpose or maybe any ms report you would want to cluster the data and that data could belong to salary. It can belong to the due dates. It's the open invoices are existing or may even be in terms of age. So if I put age in the column feel a similar treatment, I would like to meet out to this numbers. So I right click on any age number, right click on that I go to group, I click on group and it gives me something similar it says starting 19 which means the minimum age in the organization happens to be 19 and ending at 53. So as I press OK, the intervals it has been classified in 10.

If I want to change them, I will right click group again and then the interval let me make it five okay. So you have more intervals this time 9223 24 to 28, both inclusive 29 to 33, and so on, so forth. Now this grouping feature is available for numbers. And as we move ahead, I will also show you how this can be made to use for dates and text. So I will put the name Name field in the main action area. And after having received some numbers, I'm going to format this without the percentage, which now shows me that the total number of employees are 417 the breakup in terms of media salary brackets, and within them the different age brackets in which the employees have been classified.

So when I look at the entire data, what I get to see is 49. And above the age group of 49. and above, there are approximately 15 employees in the organization. So this is grouping automatic grouping based on numbers.

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