0103 AutoFill Selected Cell(s) With Pre-defined Formula/Text/No.

1 minutes
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Welcome to the series of ninja shortcut keys. And let me continue the discussion. This time my eyes are on the shortcut key called Control Enter. Although we'll be talking about the applications of Control Enter as we proceed in our other video series and other application, right now, let me just give you a theoretical base work off Ctrl Enter. Well, if you're selecting a group of cells, either continuous or mi be scattered. And if you write anything, let's say okay, normally, when you press enter, what happens?

It only appears in one cell. Well, let me write okay again, and this time, let me not press enter, but instead of letting press Control Enter, so what Ctrl Enter does all the cells that has been selected and you initiate a particular formula or a text or a number, any data point, and then if you press Ctrl, enter, it replicates that same logical text or number or group of cells that you may have chosen. In fact, at times I use this then I want to initiate a particular word and put that across different shelves. So I Select those cells. And let's say I want to give a word less accepted. I type that word accepted.

Notice the selection is still on, and then I press Control Enter. There you go. That was Ctrl. Enter the applications of which we'll see more in detail as we proceed.

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