Find & Replace – Using Wildcard Character ( ? )

2 minutes
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Hi, today we will talk about the second of the two wildcard character usage in Find and Replace the previous one, as we had discussed was the asterisk sign. This time, I'll be taking you through the applications of the wildcard character question mark. And we'll see how how question marks can be really useful at times when you have to take a specific piece of text, which has a common pattern in terms of length. For example, a star means a number of characters and question means one number of characters at a time. So if you save at the rate question mark, what is going to happen? Let's find out Ctrl H, I see at the rate and then followed by question mark, which means it first finds the instance of add the rate sign.

And question mark relates to one character it could be a of America's E of EMEA and L of lead time. So if I say replace all let's see what's going happen. Yep, there you go. It has replaced the address line and one character after that. So that is the primary difference between address and the question mark, those two being the wildcard characters which can effectively be used in Find and Replace. So in this case, if I had given something like this Ctrl H, a slash two question mark slash, the assume assume I had the data which said I N, in some of the cases you've received em, in some of the cases, it would have given me the letter, let's say, JJ.

Now, what I noticed is a common pattern that there are two characters between the pair of slashes I which I want to eliminate and keep a hyphen in between. So I choose the data control edge, as I had already posted slash double question mark slash, I will now apply a hyphen in the replace with now when I do that, let's see what's going to happen. All Well, as you can compare from the data which has been converted with the data, which has not been changed, notice the slash iron slash M and slash JJ has been replaced with one hyphen. So you must be aware of both the wildcard characters, one being the star the second one being the question mark. We'll see more variations as we take on challenges ahead.

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