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0105 Adding/Deleting/Selecting Rows/Columns

3 minutes
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Hi, here comes another series of ninja level shortcut keys. So this time, I want you to notice, how do I insert columns and rows using shortcut key. Let's say I want to insert a column between column B and column C. So what I do is I am going to press three shortcut keys one at a time. So I'm going to press all the three keys at the same time, it's going to be one, then second key, and then the third key. So after having placed my cursor on the column before which I want to add another column, I press ALT I and then see quickly it adds up a column. Similarly, if you want to insert a row in between a couple of rows, then you use a similar strategy, you press Alt, I, and then R. So there you go.

That inserts an extra row in between. Now these shortcut keys are pertaining to 2003 version of Excel, although they still working 2010, seven and 13 version of Excel in case as an additional To the entire portion in case you want to select the entire column or row, notice if I press Ctrl spacebar, it chooses the entire column. Similarly, if I place my cursor on any one cell and if I press Shift spacebar, it includes in its selection the entire row. So these shortcut keys find them mentioned were in the previous sheet. So the one that we have used in this particular video is all isif, old IR. He also spoke about shift spacebar and current control spacebar.

Apart from this as an alternative to alt IC, instead of inserting a column through old IC. You perhaps can also use this shortcut key off shift control plus sign. If you choose the entire column, and if you press Control Shift plus sign, it adds another column. Let me just delete couple of these columns too much of a button. And once I do that, let me also talk about a slight difference between old I see that insert a column and Ctrl Shift Plus, if you put your cursor on any one cell, not choosing a column separately, just one cell. And if you then press Control Shift Plus, it asks you that whether you want to insert a cell, whether you want to insert an entire row, or whether you want to insert an entire column.

So this option then allows you to choose between the four options and then decide after pressing Enter. So what all I see is doing is just adding up your column, or IR is adding a pure row, but Ctrl Shift plus will give you the option how you would want to proceed. Well, isn't a final nail in the coffin if you want to delete the entire row, you might also use Ctrl minus what control minus tells you is you want to delete the row or column or cell. In this case, I choose the entire row and I press enter. So there you go. These are a couple of shortcut keys which will help you manually Data columns rows and work with different workbooks worksheets in a little bit faster mode.

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