0610 Filter - Applying 2 or More Filters Simultaneously on the Same Sheet

2 minutes
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Hi, today I discuss a special trick with you with respect to filter question straightforward to you. You have two sets of data which you want to compare. And I want to compare the good Gao clients, I see some of the names go down here with the similar set of clients based out of Google from the table number two. Now I want to apply filter on both these tables simultaneously. So I go ahead and I choose the first table, I go to data and as usual, I apply filter. I go to the second table, I again, choose the data separately, and I'm again going to click on filter, notice the filter buttons from the first table disappears.

Technically speaking, in a normal traditional method, you cannot apply two filters two or more filters simultaneously in the same sheet. So if you ever come across this problem, how do you solve? Let's see, I choose the first table. I go to Insert, and within insert, I noticed this option called table now this was something Introduced specifically from 2007 version of Excel. So you'll find that under the same tab, insert table, I click on table, there's a generic question which says is this the range you're going to talk about and convert into a table. Of course, yes, I do a similar thing for the second table, and truly insert, and I click on table.

Now notice this time, I have two filters on two different tables on the same sheet. And this is what I was referring to. Of course, if you don't like the color, you want to retain the original color, you can go to the Design tab of Table Tools, and from the templates, Table Styles, you can choose the first one, which will strip the entire table of its colors, the one that has been recently applied, as you said, insert table more so if you want to return back to the original form of data range, you can still go to Table Tools design, and you will get something called convert to range. Once you do that, it says Do you want to convert The table to a normal range. Okay, let me test it out. Yes, I do.

So this is like moving back and forth from arrange to a table and from a table to arrange in this video specifically talking about how to apply two or more filters on the same sheet matrix coming up in the upcoming videos.

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