0708 Date Formulas - TODAY() and NOW() w. Shortcut

1 minutes
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Hello there, it's very important to keep track of time. And that is the reason I'm taking this module where I speak about the formula today and now and also show you a shortcut key. How do you enter current date, current date and time together, depending on whether you want only date or current date plus time. So first things first, a formula which says updates every time you open the workbook, and there's formulas called today equal to today. The good part about it you don't need to enter any parameter just need to close the bracket and press enter it gives you today's date. Similarly, there is a formula called now so n o w, bracket open bracket closed, enter.

This is generally used where you are considering today's date with a predefined date and trying to find the difference that means how many days have passed by since the due date and today. Now, let me also talk about the shortcut key which allows you to enter today's date without You having to type that in and without the use of formula. So I want a static date and that's today's date. So I choose a cell, I press Ctrl semicolon and I press Enter. Now if you want date and time together, then a combination of two shortcut keys one is Ctrl semicolon, then put a space, then press Ctrl Shift semicolon that will give the current time. So date and time put together you have today's date and time.

So that was the formula approach as well as the shortcut based approach.

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