0503 Go To (Special) w. Ctrl+Enter

2 minutes
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Hi there, somehow I'm getting a feeling that you're loving the tasks that we are sharing with each other, and especially the techniques which helps us overcome those challenges. Here comes another one. On the left hand side, as usual, I have the similar data, but this time the question is different. I have a lot of blank cells inside this table have a lot of numbers. And I would fill a word pending in that, not to be able to do that I must share with you one simple and very important trick. before I proceed, let's do small experiment, I will ask you to choose a group of blank cells randomly and start writing pending.

Notice that my cursor is still blinking inside the first cell when the pending word is being written. And all the other cells which I had initially chosen are still holding the selection. Now normally when we press enter, what does it do? It will only give you one occurrence of the word bending. Let me go few seconds back again to the data. This time, let me write the same word again, but not press Enter instead, Let me press Ctrl Enter, you noticed all the cells, which was chosen gets filled with the data, or formula or text or number that I had initially written and Ctrl Enter just replicates that in all the cells.

Similarly, if I choose all the data points in the table, I press Ctrl G, I go to special. Thereafter I choose blanks. Yes, there's one more option blanks, which will help you choose all the blank cells inside the data set. I'll be careful, I will not choose a cell separately because if I do, I'll lose the selection. So let me quickly do this once again. Ctrl G, special blinds, okay.

Not choosing a cell separately and straight away typing, bending. You notice the first selected cells is holding the word pending the cursor still blinking. Now finally, it's time for Ctrl Enter. It fills up all the selected cells with the same word you started off with

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