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Text Formulas – REPT() for Artifical Column Chart in a Cell

1 minutes
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Hello, let me share with you a fun trick which is going to really amaze you. If you have a certain set of names and with their scores one to 10. Notice there are certain pipes which correspond to the strength of the score. So in case I score nine, notice it quickly transforms into a set of nine pipes. Now how do I build that? Let's see.

What I'm going to use is a formula call our EP D as it suggests reputation. So if I press R EP D, after an equal do, it says which text Do you want to repeat? in double quotation, I put the pipe sign which is just immediately above the Enter key, straight line and closing the double quotation, comma. Now it tells me how many number of times you want to repeat so either I can write by hand nine, or I may select the cell which contains nine as I close the bracket and press enter. Notice nine pipes, double click and you get the corresponding number of pipes in the cell below. On the scores so generally it is useful when you have a finite number of scores between one and 10 one to 20.

Why? Because if you had, let's say 76 the cell is going to overflow with these kind of pipe signs.

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