0305 Cell Drag-n-drop Auto Fill Options + Activation Setting

1 minutes
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Hello everybody. In this video session we'll talk about autofill option. At the basic level, you would have already encountered this phenomenon in Excel that if you pull any date down, you get sequential date. And in fact, if you write a weekday, let's say Monday and you pull that down, you get the similar phenomenon monday, tuesday till the next day. And same goes for month, Jan, all January. If I pull that information down, I get the sequential data.

Now, this was the basic autofill feature. Now before I proceed, let me ensure that you all have enabled this feature. Now nine out of 10 times this will already be enabled by default, but in case you're not able to pull any data down the way I have shown, then you must go to excel option. So in the current version of Excel file, I go to options there, I go to Advanced tab, and within advanced you'll notice there's one section which says enable fill handle. So this must be turned on If it is not turned on, you will not be able to drag this and benefit out of this feature. So this was enabling autofill feature.

In the next video of autofill. I will show you the other variations of autofill which are super important, especially if you're working with dates. You're working with serial numbers and if you're working with alphanumeric data

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