0707 Date Formulas - NETWORKDAYS.INTL() for No. of Business Days Calculations w. Custom Weekends/Holidays

1 minutes
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Hi there as a continuation to work date dot Intel formula. Now let me discuss network days dot NPL. This formula you would find in Excel version 2010 and 13 as of now. So what is network this dot MTL? Well, it tries to find out how many business days exist between two sets of data including both start and end date. So if you consider a start date to be 30th, December and end date to be let's assume sixth of January, between this and this date both included how many working days are there assuming Saturday, Sunday is a holiday on account of being a weekend and let's assume Monday is a holiday on account of being a separate holiday which I'm going to write here second of Jan 2012.

So now, if I write the formula equal to net work days dot MTL, I choose the starting day I choose the ending date. Okay, then I define the weekend to be a Saturday and Sunday both so hence one and holiday list is this. In fact, you can also prepare a holiday list using the named range something which has been discussed later. I close the bracket, enter. So it tells me five working days. Let me find out.

This is one, this is two, this is three, next one being four and this is the fifth working day. Between the start and end date. Both days included, how many business days depending on the holidays that are included, and depending on the fact that Saturday or Sunday or maybe just Sunday's the weekend. That was the formula network state or IoT.

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