0905 Trick - Hide/Unhide Rows and Columns and Freeze Panes

5 minutes
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Greetings from Russia Puglia from Excel action solutions. In the last of the series of dashboards one, we will be talking about hiding and hiding columns and rows one trick regarding that and freeze unfreeze panes. Now, generally when you have a data as big as this, you would want that when you scroll down, the headers must be there on your screen. And if you scroll right, which are talking about dealer wise quarterly details of all the sales amount, the dealer name should be there. Now, most of the time it happens. Let me undo one setting is unfreeze panes.

Most the time it happens if we scroll down we do not get to see the header. If we scroll to the right, we do not get to see the columns. So I would want that this column the one that is blinking should be there on my skin, always. The cells the rows that are blinking now on my screen, those should also be there. Always Now both of these requirements, where are they meeting? When I say meeting?

I would want to refer to the cell because the column before it, and the rows before it, this is would you want to fix it? There's something would you want to fix it? Yes, of course, because I would want that whenever I schooled round down behind us should be there. So I choose this cell very carefully. I go to View dad, and I reach out to freeze panes. First option Freeze Panes, because I just do not want the top row to be frozen.

I want that three rows should be frozen. So freeze panes. What has happened, the rows on top of this yellow cell has been frozen the column before this yellow cell has been frozen, the one that he wanted. In case you want to unfreeze it, simply click anywhere good if you and unfreeze panes. So the main idea is choosing that relevant cell layer. See if I choose this cell this time, the one in the second yellow cell, this means these row shall be fixed, frozen will not change.

Let me just color code them. These columns shall not change. So if I choose the 378 Here, let me go to View. Freeze Panes. Let's see what happens. You'll notice as as much as I scroll down, the rows will be visible always, as much as I scrolled right.

The numbers in red on my left are going to be present simple technique, freeze and unfreeze panes. Now, after having spoken about freeze unfreeze panes, I would want to talk about a small trick with respect to hiding and hiding columns and rows. At the basic level, you may want to hide a particular column just by selecting the column T, let's say you may right click on that letter D and say hide If you want to bring that column D back, you may choose both C and E, both E and E and then right click and unhide. Now, this was the basic stuff I will talk about one trick. Let us say that you may have chosen this area no man's land. So not even column not even rows of the choosing the entire sheet.

I put my cursor on any one of the column headings and right click and say hi, please note, I am not clicking left hand click and then right clicking because with that the entire selection goes off. So, I go to the mean sheet, select all sheet, sheet if you right click on any one of the column and say hide. Now, when I look at this several questions come before me. Can I unhide quickly, let me try. Right click on height, nothing happens. Right click right click doesn't happen.

Right click here height and height doesn't matter. Up to a to be able to unhide. This. I want to ask one question, what do you think has been hidden? Is it the column? Is it the row?

Or is that the Is it the sheet? sheet column? No. Now, it's not the sheet that is hidden because you can see the sheet tab. It's not the door that has been hidden, because you can see the row numbers what has been hidden is the column now to unhide. That in 2007, I will have to guide you to that button the command where unhide hide options are present.

So I will have to ask you to go to Home towards the right hand side, go to Format. Within format, go to hide unhide and choose unhide rows. Let's say nothing happened. Why? Because it's not the road that has been hidden. It's the column that were hidden.

So let me go to Format mechanic And this time let me say unhide columns. Yes. There you go. This way it comes back. So simple hiding and hiding and the command for unhiding hiding also exists under format, hide unhide tie this with multiple sheets with different data sets. And we will talk about more advanced stuff more customized, more appealing stuff in the subsequent videos.

See you there.

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