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So here I wanted to briefly talk about how to make sure jobs are coming to you, rather than you having to go and apply for jobs actively, that you can get job notifications, because the main websites and translators cafe allow you to do this. So hopefully you're doing this already. But if you haven't, if you aren't yet, sorry, I just want to walk you through real quickly, because I said it before and I'll say it again, both these websites are so confusing, and they're just a pain to get through. So just want to show you that that is possible and how to do it. In fact, I had to go through this again myself. Oh, and I clicked and and, and try to figure out how to do this because I hear you click on your settings, because because I forgot as well.

So actually here let me start over just so you goes to you go to the main website, then you click on your profile here, I think there are other ways to go at it. Oh, in fact profile mail settings right here. Let's just click on profile this probably easier. Then click on settings. Then here you have what do you have? Yeah, see, it's so confusing.

Nevermind, let's go back to what I know, profile male settings right away, hover above this, go to profile mail settings, click on job notifications, notification preferences have been moved. Good. Please see the jobs dashboard at least they have a link to it. This is what I'm looking for. Okay. So as you can see, I'm just going to leave that up there just because at least for me, I get confused with both these websites, but at least it kind of gives you an idea.

But as I said, as I said, hover over here, click on profile mail, and then you'll see the option and then for here, the job mail settings you can say, preference concerning client but okay here, this doesn't matter how much classic notification preferences I would click these on our restricted to any country. Pair specific. Do you want no notifications or immediate alerts, I have immediate alert, I've always had it this way translation jobs, potential jobs, I don't have any interpreting jobs because that's not what I do. And then fields, I just put all fields and just so I have an idea of everything coming in. And what do we have notifications on this is for another language combination, and then connect your notification preferences. Anyway, these matters a bit less, but this is where you do it.

Then you just click on Save Settings, and then it's done. What this will do, it means that you get an email in your inbox every time there's a new job, and, and so anytime they they post a new job, like any one of these, then you can, then you'll you'll receive it right away in your email. So you don't have to remember to come here and check. And you know, check every day or every couple hours or whatever it is because it'll arrive right away in your email. So That's what you do with pros. Let's try translators cafe and let's hope I remember how to do this now.

So here to you go to the profile and you click on profile, my profile. And right here you go see this a bit easier. You go to job notification enabled, so I can click on disable. They have news notification form notification, TCT terms notification, I don't care much about. Oh, this one's enabled. I'm not sure why Oh, because the performance I participated in Yeah, and then But anyway, this is job notification.

So this means that anytime once again, there's a job in my language combination, I will receive an email and and so I don't have to actively come here and remember to check, but I can just sit back and wait for all the all the jobs to come to my email inbox. So once again, hopefully you already have to set up if you haven't already set this up, then do it now. Pros and translators cafe offer this you might as well Take advantage of it. You'll get an email anytime you get any job that you use that you can apply for. And so I highly recommend it. I Anyway, I'll just cover for these two websites because I know they offer it and these are the two main websites anyway.

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