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This lesson presents a short overview of what makes a romantic relationship (or any relationship for that matter) a good one and what's needed to create a healthy relationship.


It is a beautiful thing when two people lovingly connect in a relationship. However, relationships are complex. Relationships are complicated by the past experiences and current expectations each person brings to their current relationship. But there are a few simple things that are always true about good relationships. Love should never be something we have to defend ourselves against. Love should never cause us to feel like a prisoner.

Love should never trap us. Love should allow us to be who we truly are. Our love should mostly, but not always be comfortable. Love should always feel safe. A good relationship is based on mutual respect, and self respect. Love, without truth is some other kind of relationship.

In order to create healthy relationships, we need to be willing to see what's happening in our relationship, including seeing our own behaviors. We need to choose how we want to be in our relationship and to choose to do those things that fit our choices.

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