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Breaking the Stress Cycle: Cultivating Inner Peace

Learn the deep relaxation/meditation skills needed to break through your difficult emotional stress patterns to create a healing and mind calming response.

Breaking the Stress Cycle: Cultivating Inner Peace

Learn the deep relaxation/meditation skills needed to break through your difficult emotional stress patterns to create a healing and mind calming response.
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About the Class

Ready to change your life for the better? This course is the quickest, most practical way on how to help you break your stress patterns, find inner peace, and create space in your life for happiness and wellbeing.

"If you wish to learn how to de-stress and heal your body/mind
while increasing your emotional wellbeing and mental intelligence,
then first you must be able to bring your body and mind into a coherent brain wave pattern
that only appears when you are relaxed, peaceful and happy."

Breakthrough your stress patterns with the skills of guided deep relaxation. Cultivate inner peace, healing, and happiness with a combination of meditation and mindfulness breathing techniques.

In this course, you will be guided through the deep relaxation/meditation skills needed to break your difficult emotional stress patterns while you learn how to create a natural healing response for all your life's ups and downs. This is an opportunity to change your life for the better if you are truly ready to let go of your old conflicting beliefs and reset your body/mind responses to life.

Breaking the stress cycle places the emphasis on you having an experience of deep inner calm straight away.
The lessons are designed for you to clear difficult unwanted tension while you are merely practicing deep meditative relaxation skills. 

To help you on this journey, there are:

  1. Guided relaxation and meditation cycles created for you that include specially composed Alpha brain wave music;  these help you let go unwanted subconsciouses stress patterns and tense emotions, easily and naturally.
  2. Specially chosen breathing techniques that assist you in developing body awareness, relaxing the nervous system and freeing up a troubled mind. 

Each time you bring these two aspects together, you will have a system of deep relaxation and meditation that focuses your healing energy on realigning the body, heart, nervous system, and brain.

You will experience the release and clearing of your negative stress patterns, but not by just reading about it. 

While listening and practicing the deep meditative/relaxation cycles, your nervous system and brain will begin to rewire, developing new neural pathways naturally.
This, in turn, creates healthy changes in your body's bio-energy and hormones, stimulating a difference in your brain's biochemistry. These are the ingredients needed to grow new circuits and make new brain connections that bring the brain into balance, which in turn affects who you will be in your future.

The techniques taught are based on the latest brain research taken from the fields of Quantum Science, Epigenetics, and Neuroplasticity, coupled with the ancient Eastern traditions of meditation and internal vital energy building.

Once you reconnect your brain and nervous system by gently removing the internal stress that separates and divides them, you will discover a vast resource of infinite intelligence waiting to assist you on your journey to optimal health and wellness.

If you have always wanted to meditate, but have found it too hard to sit still and be quiet, then Breaking the Stress Cycle will teach you the fundamentals needed to develop a meditative practice that leads to a peaceful mind and a loving heart.

This course holds essential keys to:

  • Speeding up recovery for illness
  • Revitalizing the body’s energy systems
  • Improving the immune system
  • Self-acceptance of your true nature
  • Happiness
  • Inner peace
  • Sleeping better
  • Developing higher intelligence

It is clear, easy, and practical. You will be able to utilize and experience the relaxation/meditation cycles right from the very beginning.

Areas of your life where you may notice changes:

  • Your moods will elevate, and your outlook on life will brighten.
  • You will experience a sense of wholeness and happiness.
  • Your sleep pattern will improve.
  • You will feel a calmer, more loving approach to interactions with others.
  • Your vital energy will start to increase throughout your day.
  • You will notice an increased ability to focus and to be more creative at work and play.
  • It will give you the benefits of a calm, peaceful mind under pressure.
  • Loving-kindness will begin to be felt within the field of the heart. 
  • It will change how you live and see the world.
  •  It will teach you skills to enhance your wellbeing and develop greater Self Awareness.
  • It may be one of the best anti-aging and life-enhancing techniques available.
  • You can begin your journey of deep Self-transformation towards higher states of consciousness.

All these marvelous changes are possible when you are willing to take the time to let go and drop into a regular practice of deep meditative relaxation.

Is it time to change your mind and your heart?

Join me for this inspiring journey to wellness, happiness, and inner peace.



Robert Kendall

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Class Requirements

  • The only requirement needed is a desire to explore the healing gifts of your own innate, Inner Peace, and happiness.
  • A willingness to create positive lasting inner changes at the physical, emotional, and mental levels of your Being.
  • You will need to invest your time (20 minutes twice a day) to create space in your life to practice daily for at least 30 days.

Class Contents

What's Included

Level: Beginner
Duration: 4 hours 50 minutes
33 Videos
4 Documents
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