Chapter - 1 Intro

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Introduction. It seems a thing of the past that you have to do all the manual work repetitively in a firm, surging only your stress, monotony, and nothing in terms of your knowledge, skill set and cleverness, with progression of information technology in today's era. The ask from professionals is to work smarter, and not just harder. Developers are inclined to learn more sophisticated and better tools and not stay working in the same dead end job. This is where the realization of automating the repetative manual processes came into picture. optimization of your work and effort needed in it would ultimately result in a more productive use of your time.

And just like other technology developments, this didn't happen overnight as well. It took years of research prototypes, small niche products that ultimately led to the formulation of software robots. term robots has been prevailing for decades in our community, and has a connotation of mechanical parts, when put together accomplish their design tasks. For this, let me make it clear that this course is not going to deal with such hardware robots. It's not a physical device sitting in front of your system doing work for you. robots have disparate confirmations.

A computer in itself is a robot, providing you the capability to create, maintain, and remove your documents. Similarly, a phone can be termed as bot, providing capabilities to make call work on business software applications utilizing touch interfaces and many more. Just a couple of years back. For people like us, it was difficult to comprehend the fact that doing a full fledged accounting and management business over a PC system would it be possible but in today's world, you would see even toddlers handing refined it probably Such as laptops, iPhones, smartwatches, etc. with ease. Software robots, or robotic Process Automation is the process of imitating the job a normal person would do in front of a computer system.

It is the first step to building the artificially intelligent operations, which would be nothing but programmed bots accompanied with cognitive abilities. RPA provides an advanced substitute to improve productivity while being cost effective and accurate through automation of rule based back end administrative processes. When several bots work together in an office environment, this arrangement is called a virtual workforce. The virtual workforce is deployed via an operational team and is usually managed by former employees who implemented it. There are quite a few vendors in market today, providing tools with automation capabilities. But in this course, we'll be dealing with UI path, which is one of the most sophisticated tools available today.

It delivers basic desktop application, web application and Citrix based automations as well.

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