Virtual Real Estate Wholesaling in 30 Days

A wholesalers guide to virtual wholesaling real estate in 30 days and making 6 figure.

Virtual Real Estate Wholesaling in 30 Days

A wholesalers guide to virtual wholesaling real estate in 30 days and making 6 figure.
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About the Class

Virtual Real Estate Wholesaling gives you the opportunity to make money, while you learn and earn, under the right structural course and guidance. There’s a growing number of real estate investors and wholesalers, wanting to invest in multiple markets. With today's technology, a great real estate mentor in the right training, virtual real estate wholesaling is as easier than ever do from the comfort of your own home office. This course is straight to the point, but yet a step by step instructional guide, as to how to wholesale properties within 30 days and become a successful wholesaler. Ebonie Caldwell of REI Investment Society joins us today to discuss in detail Virtual Wholesaling. She will tell you the following about becoming a successful and profitable wholesaler.

What will you learn in this course?

  • Structuring your remote team
  • What contracts to use, explain the contracts in detail
  • Give examples of wholesale deals, show you how to make money as a real estate wholesaler - virtually anywhere in the world
  • How to find buyers and seller
  • How to market yourself and your new business
  • Individuals will learn how to build their own website and know what to put on their websites to create leads.
  • Real Estate Investors will know how to find end buyer and seller leads.
  • You will be able to identify a good deal or a bad deal. You will know if the deal is profitable or a waste of your time.
  • You will learn how to evaluate a deal. (From contractors scope of works, to Comparative Marketing Analysis)
  • You will learn how to present yourself to the motivated seller to get the deal.
  • You will learn how to present the deal to an end buyer.
  • And much more

When new and seasoned real estate investors finish this course they will have all the tools they need to begin the wholesale process and close on their first deal within 30 days. They will know how to build their wholesale brand online and build their visibility, so motivated sellers can begin to call them.

This detailed instructional training course and material are engaging, to the point you will truly have the confidence and resources to know that you can have a deal under contract or close your 1st deal within 30 days of completing this course and all of its lectures. The course material provides everything you need to know about wholesaling, closing deals, and making money. All of the basic resources are in these lectures and at your disposal. Use them correctly and wisely!

After and during the course, feel free to ask questions about the course material in the Q & A Section. Ebonie Caldwell of REI Investment Society will respond to help you better understand the course material as well as how to close that deal within 30 days. You will learn how to build your own financial freedom and a wholesaling lead generation machine and business like she has done for her business, virtually from anywhere in the world.


Real Estate Training, Coaching And Marketing Guru

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Ebonie Caldwell is a Author, Real Estate Trainer, Real Estate Mentor, Real Estate Investor, Real Estate Managing Broker and Business Broker, that specialize in rehab properties, large portfolio's, commercial properties and the sell of businesses. Ebonie Caldwell is a seasoned investor with over 20 years in the real estate investing, rehabbing,...

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Level: All levels
Duration: 4 hours 29 minutes
17 Videos
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