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New in Writing

7 Views All-Levels 12 Lessons 1:56:43
Learn how to become an author without any deadlines or exams.
8 Views Beginner 12 Lessons 1:08:34
Learn to create a passive income with Amazon Kindle book publishing. Self publishing your ebook will make an income on auto.
50 Views 1 Saves Beginner 13 Lessons 1:57:33
Learn writing effective queries that will attract editors, agents and publishers.
7 Views All-Levels 7 Lessons 23:49
Learn how to write and publish your own regular blog articles through the 10 step process in this course.
33 Views Intermediate 8 Lessons 52:59
Learn how to craft content that engages with consumers on a deeper level, and is more accessible across multiple demographics.
6 Views All-Levels 59 Lessons 4:59:00
Learn how you can turn your ideas into profits through ebook publishing in 7 days or less.
6 Views All-Levels 11 Lessons 49:18
Learn the fundamentals of process storytelling.
22 Views Beginner 23 Lessons 1:22:51
Learn how to write copy that persuades people to buy. Copywriting secrets revealed.
14 Views All-Levels 7 Lessons 57:57
Learn to make complex e-book and promotion strategies simple.
39 Views Intermediate 13 Lessons 1:58:45
Learn how to write one of the top-paying projects in content marketing (white papers).
10 Views Intermediate 30 Lessons 4:17:48
Learn how to advance your career by improving your business writing.
7 Views 1 Saves Intermediate 11 Lessons 1:38:28
Learn how to write copy that sells products online and discover copywriting tips for shopping carts and online store pages.
19 Views Beginner 25 Lessons 1:06:42
Learn how writing your own memoir and inspirational stories can become a creative and life-changing experience.
8 Views Beginner 5 Lessons 1:07:06
Learn effective writing skills with this down to earth guide to write great marketing articles.
11 Views All-Levels 47 Lessons 4:06:37
Learn to write high quality web content that drives sales in a step by step way. Learn about the tools that aid writing awesome content on the web and what to write on each page of a website like home page, about us page, category and product pages.
39 Views 2 Saves Beginner 37 Lessons 42:48
Learn the four key elements of writing super-efficient copy that sells and get access to exercises, templates, and a checklist.
34 Views Beginner 8 Lessons 21:09
The Power of "I" is a writing course that will help students navigate their personal writing interests and build their voices in confidence and creativity.
4 Views Beginner 19 Lessons 2:22:18
Cut through writer’s block, create a daily writing practice, and achieve your writing goals with brainstorming methods.
12 Views All-Levels 15 Lessons 28:53
Do you have a parent, grandparent or other relative who has been telling great family stories for decades, but is overwhelmed by the thought of writing them down? Maybe you've been longing to tell your own story. It's time!
29 Views All-Levels 59 Lessons 3:25:06
An eight-step guide to upgrade your writing style, give yourself a professional edge, and stand out from the crowd.

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