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Learn what critical reflection is, why it's important and how to practice it.
40 Views 3 Saves All-Levels 12 Lessons 54:09
Learn motivation hacks to unleash your motivation everyday, to kill procrastination, and never lack motivation again.
17 Views 2 Saves All-Levels 8 Lessons 43:04
An introduction to the mind using time tested methods to help you achieve your goals, increase your income, and help you live a more fulfilled life.
1590 Views 19 Saves All-Levels 12 Lessons 34:48
Learn why you have a favourite and least favourite colour and what that says about you.
245 Views 2 Saves Beginner 7 Lessons 24:11
Learn and understand the incredible self-healing powers of your body-mind.
41 Views 1 Saves Beginner 12 Lessons 2:48:59
Experience deeper ease of living, shift from reaction and drama to calm and balance and handle difficult situations with objectivity and clear focus.
27 Views 1 Saves All-Levels 24 Lessons 3:15:14
Learn step by step to get more clarity about your life purpose, to start your special journey, starting from asking deep inside yourself and walking your own path, to use more of your heart than your logic.
18 Views 1 Saves All-Levels 30 Lessons 2:33:27
Learn what shadow work is and how to master your shadow.
10 Views 1 Saves Beginner 13 Lessons 45:40
By asking yourself three questions about motivation, you will complete a template and discover what you really enjoy doing every day.
9 Views 1 Saves Beginner 11 Lessons 30:53
This is an online version of my popular Mind Mastery Seminar Level I - discover your true personal power and how it can transform your life.
8 Views 1 Saves Beginner 14 Lessons 2:25:13
Learn how to identify and free yourself from limiting beliefs.
7 Views 5 Saves All-Levels 8 Lessons 17:23
Learn and create your self-care action plan to become more productive at work and in life.
6 Views 2 Saves Beginner 12 Lessons 1:17:41
Discover the 7 astonishing secrets for success, happiness and wealth.
6 Views 1 Saves All-Levels 21 Lessons 2:30:54
Learn how to increase self-control and break free from stubborn behavioral ruts.
3 Views 2 Saves Intermediate 40 Lessons 7:04:14
How to have a better understanding of the people you live and work with.
3 Views 1 Saves All-Levels 19 Lessons 1:00:00
Learn to start your colourful journey into detoxing your thoughts and feelings using the 7 colours of the rainbow as your tools.
1 Saves Beginner 9 Lessons 2:05:00
This is a class that showcases some tools you can keep in your tool box when you're feeling uninspired, unmotivated in an area of your life and just 'meh' in general.
233 Views 3 Saves Beginner 5 Lessons 15:23
Learn a simple way to rediscover your motivation.
9 Views All-Levels 6 Lessons 20:23
An informative introduction for managers seeking to understand and prevent increased stress levels in the workplace.
6 Views Intermediate 21 Lessons 1:01:28
Learn how to find your authentic voice.
3 Views 1 Saves All-Levels 2 Lessons 1:18:05

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