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New in Personal Development

5 Views Beginner 8 Lessons 59:23
Learn 5 key rules for setting goals and achieving them.
23 Views Beginner 57 Lessons 3:36:15
Learn how to start your wedding planning business.
8 Views Beginner 57 Lessons 2:54:52
Learn resume/cover letter writing for finance and accounting professionals within 3 hours.
6 Views All-Levels 44 Lessons 1:00:14
Learn how to speak effectively in an interview.
8 Views Beginner 141 Lessons 5:18:55
Learn how to design a great event program that delivers excitement and change.
67 Views All-Levels 42 Lessons 2:39:45
Learn to make and use presentation slides like a pro from a professional speaker and author.
5 Views Beginner 7 Lessons 18:02
Learn the basics and benefits of mindful living and meditation.
12 Views All-Levels 29 Lessons 3:08:16
Learn to obliterate shyness, blast away social anxiety and conquer anything else stopping you from achieving your goals!
10 Views Beginner 10 Lessons 34:35
Learn the basics of Astrology and learn to decipher your birth chart.
1 Views All-Levels 9 Lessons 46:47
Learn and use the process of creating a map of your user's journey to level up your whole team's collaboration and choose what to improve next in your product or service.
4 Views 1 Saves Beginner 48 Lessons 5:07:05
Learn to be mortgage free in under 10 years, automatically and without cutting back on the things you love.
9 Views Beginner 30 Lessons 5:26:20
Master the strategy that top performers use to turn disruptive technologies into incredible advantages and long careers.
27 Views Beginner 8 Lessons 36:17
Learn about the blueprint and mindset to develop real skills that will get you paid and ensure success without the high bill.
48 Views Beginner 51 Lessons 2:10:46
Learn about more than 30 tools to potentialize your creative process and have innovative ideas.
19 Views All-Levels 13 Lessons 1:37:42
Body-Based Intelligence Mindfulness Training & Meditation Techniques for Living a Healthy, Happy and Fulfilled Life
7 Views All-Levels 4 Lessons 20:27
Learn effective strategies for boosting your productivity.
9 Views Beginner 13 Lessons 45:40
Learn what shadow work is and how to master your shadow.
37 Views Beginner 52 Lessons 2:32:41
Learn how to become a critical thinking leader.
23 Views All-Levels 22 Lessons 1:25:01
Learn how your personal energy works, how to increase it, attract more positive people and things, help more people, and feel better more often.
9 Views All-Levels 9 Lessons 1:51:45
Learn how personal energy works, by using concepts from the fields of Reiki, personal development and Neuro-Linguistic programming.

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