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Create, deliver, and monetize digital learning content
Go online easily -- create digital classes and learning content. Take advantage of our marketplace by selling learning content that students want.
What type of learning platform should you use?
You should be able to create digital learning content that draws on your years of experience. That’s why we provide you an all-in-one marketplace to deliver and monetize your content.
Online classes
Create powerful and comprehensive online classes. Provide an immersive learning experience to your students.
Digital content
Sell digital learning content including ebooks, worksheets, printables, assessments, and activities. Provide resources that students and teachers need.
Ease of use
Deploy quickly and start building an audience. Monetize your digital learning content right away.
Marketplace advantage
Market your content at your prices to an existing audience. Take advantage of 5 million monthly marketplace visitors.
90% payout
Earn up to 90% on your sales. Highest digital content marketplace payout rate that guarantees your success.
Marketing software
Import your contacts and market your content using our automatic email marketing software. Turn your contacts to paying students.
Sell your learning content with just a few clicks
We make it super easy for you to sell online learning content. Our comprehensive editor lets you set up your content storefront in minutes.
Build beautiful classes that your students love
Build comprehensive online classes including video, audio, rich text, quiz, flashcard, assignment, and certifications. When you provide rich content students stay engaged. And it enhances their learning.
Sell digital content that students and teachers need
Easily sell your learning resources including ebooks, worksheets, printables, assessments, and activities. Complement the learning resources of students as well as teachers.
Quickly deploy content and build your audience
What does it take to succeed in teaching online? We enable you to answer that question by providing you tools to deploy content easily and discover your audience quickly.
The advantage of 5 million marketplace visitors
Build your online learning business from our audience. This enables you to go-to-market without investing upfront on marketing and advertising.
Earn up to 90% on your sales
Our marketplace is designed to make our sellers successful. When you sell content through our marketplace you get to keep up to 90% of the revenue.
Turn your contacts to paying customers
Connect your contacts with our powerful marketing software, which creates and delivers targeted personal yet professional emails to your contacts. This results in higher engagement and conversions.
The new standard in online learning
TabletWise is the best software platform for selling online learning content. We enable thousands of new-age teachers to sell their content globally.
Find students for your learning content
Simplify your marketing efforts. Find your students by engaging our 5 million strong marketplace visitors. Also, use our marketing software to automatically run email campaigns.
Leverage the marketplace
Market your learning content to the millions of visitors that we bring in to the marketplace. Leverage our marketing efforts and put your content in front of new students.
Enterprise sales
License learning content to enterprises and public organizations for L&D. Harness the power of our enterprise sales team to monetize your learning content.
Find new leads
Discover new leads from our marketplace visitors. Target individual learners who have visited your class pages and are interested in learning similar topics via our marketing software.
Email marketing
Have an email list? Import your contacts and let us turn them to paying students. Our marketing software automatically creates and delivers targetted campaigns on your behalf.
Organic discovery
Our pages load fast and are beautifully laid out for various screen sizes. SEO optimized content delivery helps teachers to consistently rank high on search engines.
Ad campaigns
Our marketing team runs targeted ad campaigns to drive traffic to individual content pages. This ensures that classes receive individual attention from potential buyers.
The tools you need for successful online teaching
Our software enables you to build digital learning content that performs.
Multiple formats
Deliver online teaching as a class, a digital product, or a bundle.
Powerful editor
Quickly build and deliver feature-rich digital learning content with our powerful editor.
Digital content hosting
Upload unlimited video, audio, document, and image files to your classes and products.
Managed payments
Have payments taken care of so that you can focus on building great content.
Drip content
Boost engagement and loyalty, re-engage, increasing brand awareness.
Provide automatic completion certificates resulting in convenience and more completions.
Boost your marketing efforts by offering discounts and sales via coupons.
Assess your students using quizzes and assignments.
Research and improve your content using surveys.
Set the pricing of your content based on the location of the student.
Deliver content based on the location of the student.
Track pageviews, orders, revenue, and student progress through our analytics dashboard.
Revision history
Save all your edits in case you need an older version.
Mobile optimized
Make content look great on mobile as well as the desktop.
Take advantage of state-of-the-art cloud technology by Google and content delivery by Akamai to reach your audience faster.
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