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55 Views 1 Saves Beginner 40 Lessons 1:48:25
Improve your American English pronunciation. The lectures will help you to speak English more clearly and correctly.
36 Views All-Levels 90 Lessons 11:44:29
Learn effective Math skills required to perform circuit calculations.
20 Views All-Levels 19 Lessons 3:36:06
Learn the basics of digital multi-meter.
12 Views All-Levels 22 Lessons 2:49:28
Learn the fundamentals of voltage, current and resistance.
13 Views All-Levels 32 Lessons 6:31:41
Learn complete overview of graph theory algorithms in computer science and mathematics.
40 Views All-Levels 46 Lessons 7:47:02
Gain knowledge on a complete guide to learning everything there is to know about data structures.
56 Views All-Levels 41 Lessons 1:49:12
Learn about human anatomy, detailed information on bones, joints their form and function and insertions of all muscles.
67 Views Beginner 15 Lessons 1:17:28
Learn beginners level French grammar.
38 Views Advanced 46 Lessons 2:51:21
Learn how to avoid all the typical consonant errors. This is great for learners from any language background, particularly Indian languages. It also uses vocabulary from IT and business.
21 Views All-Levels 49 Lessons 6:56:44
Learn how to design and simulate a fully functioning 8 bit CPU.
19 Views Beginner 28 Lessons 2:11:05
Learn how to greet people, introduce yourself and others, carry out simple conversations, say simple phrases in the different tenses, and learn numbers in Swahili.
19 Views Intermediate 13 Lessons 6:05:04
Learn per unit analysis, a tool to help analyze power systems.
21 Views Intermediate 10 Lessons 3:38:49
Learn the understanding of the complexity of electrical power calculations.
51 Views Beginner 73 Lessons 2:19:42
Learn the most important Chinese concepts and words to build on to get started speaking and reading Chinese (Mandarin).
37 Views Beginner 45 Lessons 3:25:54
Learn step by step instructions to work smarter not harder when it comes to day "Day of Coordination" for wedding planners.
47 Views Advanced 35 Lessons 7:46:00
This course teaches you how to pass C1 Advanced English exam.
97 Views 2 Saves Beginner 19 Lessons 2:08:13
This class will help beginners to learn the basic principles of English grammar and start speaking English.
30 Views 1 Saves Intermediate 54 Lessons 3:42:57
Improve your English fluency and proficiency with important business vocabulary and phrases.
19 Views 1 Saves Beginner 31 Lessons 10:26:50
This course is for complete beginners who start learning English from zero.
10 Views All-Levels 716 Lessons 10:25:02
Comprehensive, Rigorous Prep for ACT Math